Tourist trips for up to 90 days

Reisebüro förstora bild (© picture-alliance/ ZB )

Foreigners with a valid Swedish residence permit and a valid passport or travel document that is acknowledged by German authorities do not need a visa for tourist trips to Germany that do not exceed 90 days. You need to bring your passport and residence permit card.

Non EU citizens can only travel within the EU with a valid passport and a valid residence permit. If your residence permit for Sweden has expired, you have to apply for an extension with the Swedish migration service (“Migrationsverket”).
Until a decision has been made, you are unfortunately not allowed to travel to Germany. For questions regarding travel plans and your future residence within the Schengen area, please turn to the Migrationsverket. The German embassy cannot help you with this matter.

Öppettider och kontaktmöjligheter

Blaues Informationsschild

Förbundsrepubliken Tysklands ambassad ligger på Skarpögatan 9 i Diplomatstaden. På grund av byggnadsarbeten kan ambassaden tyvärr inte längre erbjuda någon besöksparkering.

Welcome to Germany

Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

The brochure "Welcome to Germany" has been designed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior to help you find your way in Germany. The brochure is published in English under the first link and in several other languages under the second link.