Longer duration stays in Germany

Visa förstora bild (© dpa / picture-alliance)

For trips to Germany exceeding 90 days (e.g. family reunion, employment, studies etc.) you need to apply for a visa in advance at the embassy in Stockholm. Your application can only be rendered in person, after booking an appointment online.

A visa can only be issued if the application is complete and all documents necessary are attached. For information about which documents you need for your visa application please read the information sheet below.

If you have difficulties speaking German, Swedish or English with us, please bring an interpreter.

Your visa application will be processed as quickly as possible. As soon as a positive decision has been made you will be informed by email or phone. Please refrain from inquiries during the process as this will only slow down the procedure. Please be informed that questions solely regarding the status of your visa will not be answered.

Checklist visa application:

  • Read through the information sheets below.
  • Print out and fill in the form, make sure you have photos and all documents required. Make sure you bring the original and 2 copies of each document.
  • Book an appointment for national visa Please note that it is not allowed to block appointments and to transfer a booked appointment to another applicant. Those who book several appointments will be blocked by the system and all appointments will be deleted without further notice.
  • Be on time for your appointment. If you are delayed or cannot attend the appointment, please cancel the appointment at least three days in advance.

Öppettider och kontaktmöjligheter

Blaues Informationsschild

Förbundsrepubliken Tysklands ambassad ligger på Skarpögatan 9 i Diplomatstaden. På grund av byggnadsarbeten kan ambassaden tyvärr inte längre erbjuda någon besöksparkering.

Welcome to Germany

Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

The brochure "Welcome to Germany" has been designed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior to help you find your way in Germany. The brochure is published in English under the first link and in several other languages under the second link.